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IRS Granted Powers
The Internal Revenue Service has been granted powers by the United States Congress to collect the revenue owed to the Government by means that can disrupt your life. During the collection process, the IRS will send you notifications by mail. If you get a letter from the IRS, do not ignore it! The IRS will not go away if you simply ignore them

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We at OMG Tax will do our best to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of by the collection process itself, or by the predatory nature of businesses in the Tax Relief Industry.

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If you Have an IRS Tax Debt, What Should You Do?

  • Do not ignore the letters! Ignoring letters from the IRS is more dangerous than ever before. See copies of real life IRS letters with brief explanations of their meaning.
  • Contact OMG Tax directly to speak with an expert who can quickly navigate which actions are needed in order to protect you from unnecessary garnishments. Do not hire anyone before calling us first!
  • Take “ACTION”! OMG Tax will certify that your tax debt can be resolved, or you don’t pay a dime. Call us today at (213) 814-5571!


When you deal with the Internal Revenue Service, you need to know that they are your enemy, they aren’t your friend, and they’ll drag your life through the mud. They are the most powerful collection agency on the planet.


There are tax companies that make “False Claims” that are owned and operated by people you wouldn’t trust your dry cleaning with. OMG Tax is not one of those companies!

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We provide tax relief services to clients throughout all of the USA.

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